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B!tch Is Not The New Black…

t’s been in the closet—we just finally decided to start wearing it proudly. It’s like getting your first low-cut top as a birthday gift at 16, only to finally wear it for the first time at 17 because your crush … Continue reading

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PMS (Physical, Mental, and Spiritual) Strength

ith little thought and lots of passion, I have decided to address the type of PMS that fills you with inner peace!  That glow that no make-up artist can give you if they tried! This one’s on you, Boo! Let’s … Continue reading

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First Five for Fall

t’s a specific time of year when suddenly overnight you box up your sandals and purchase fresh opaques. It’s when New York mornings go from subtly silent to nervously rowdy. The weather change is a clear indication of back to … Continue reading

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Bad Chicks Dig Good Art: II

I’ve found a cool collection of paper art work for you to enjoy. Just click on the image to learn more about it! Continue reading

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Sexy By the Books: Tasty Tuesday

I feel his heart beating faster and faster as he slowly kisses my ear.
Slowly kissing every inch of my exposed body, the moans and groans begin… Continue reading

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After Work Hot Spots

Okay. I know it’s Monday AND it’s raining which means many of you are watching that clock counting down the minutes to leave the office. But why go home and cuddle (alone) under the covers, when you have “the city … Continue reading

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The “In Between” Time

believe that there are two types of women in this world: those who LOVE and those who WANT TO BE LOVED. I want to first point out the differences between the two. Then, I’m gonna tell you why you should … Continue reading

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