Poor Little Rich Girl & Rich Little Poor Girl

Poor Little Rich Girl vs. Rich Little Poor Girl


*Please note that this post is categorized as your typical rant, made possible by a long days work and lack of sleep due to far too much pillow talk.

Today I started thinking about perception and how much of what we feel on a day to day basis affects the outcome of our current situation. Basically, my girls and I characterize these two polar opposite mentalities as “Poor little Rich Girl” and “Rich little Poor Girl”.

The first takes into account that she has all the luxuries any girl could ask for. Not simply monetary possessions like the “it” bag and equally coveted penthouse but she also has a stable career and loyal friends. To an average visibly aware outsider she basically has it made. But something, something about this girls life makes her miserable and her Pity Party is at the most exclusive club, each Thursday lasting all night long.

The second is that girl who always ends up satisfied. Her knees are bruised and back is aching, but she looks at her work pleased – knowing that she has made due given the situation. Nothing with this girl is perfect, but believe that people envy her fight and it is somewhat of her trademark. She cherishes things for what they are and the joy they bring to her life, tangible or otherwise.

So ladies, I think its worth taking the time out to consider who you are today, who you will be tomorrow and who you want to be in the future. Think about perception, what energy you are releasing into the universe. It might be the catalyst for a new job, landing your dream date or mending a broken friendship. Overall, it will definitely change how people see you, but most importantly how you see yourself. What are your thoughts?

– Kai

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2 Responses to Poor Little Rich Girl & Rich Little Poor Girl

  1. The Girls says:

    This is very important. i think most of us can relate to this… But what we put out is what we get back! Stay positive friends!

  2. Danni says:

    Kai, I ❤ you so much for this post! I think it's safe to say I'm the Rich Little Poor Girl. LOL. I'm not swimming in the money, so I hustle a little harder than most but I make it look so easy because my smile never fades. It's all a game of perception. How others view you and how you view yourself makes a big impact on your outlook on your current situation. You can be fitted out in Bottega Veneta and still feel like the lowest or be and H&M Queen and strut as if you owned the city. Positive energy is oh so important too! You can't get good things when all you see is the the negative!

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