Meet Our Beauty Boss: Celeb Makeup Artist Shenelle Lovings-Mays!!

Shenelle Lovings-Mays

Ok. So it may sound like a total contradiction but, if you’re anything like me, quality skin and a bit of makeup is my number one accessory must-have! So with that said, I’m here to help.  Think of me as your personal beauty and skin care  expert. By the way, I am a seasoned and licensed makeup pro. Count on me too tell you all the good and all the “Hmmmmm, well not so much”.  If I have given my expertise and you choose not to listen, you can definitely count on me giving you the side eye….  I can show you better than I can tell you. Ladies, we are young and youthful now. Let’s condition our minds to take care of our skin and our bodies!  We have all heard the saying “You are only as young as you feel”, but what about as you look?  Take this ride with us as you chill with no makeup. And I completely understand if you need a bit of lip gloss 😉 . We intend for you to see yourself in the best light possible! Stay tuned for skin care, beauty tips and some of my  favorite celebrities must-have products and so much more.
With love from love!


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2 Responses to Meet Our Beauty Boss: Celeb Makeup Artist Shenelle Lovings-Mays!!

  1. The Girls says:

    Oh i cant wait!!!!! I was going thru the worse acne phases in my life this past spring. I went to shenelle with my problem,s and in a weeks i saw results.

    I sent her my before and after photos and we’re both blown away!

    So i want to say thank you Nell!


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