The Wave/Kink Nouveau

So what’s the deal with (broads) not perming their hair anymore, Jo? Even my MOMS stopped! Women dead a man and just get to harvesting that fro! WHY?

T he above quote came to me courtesy of a 20something NYC born and bred, college educated man making six figures making a good living for himself, got it together… (Note to self: MMM potential. Put my bid in!) Now where was I…OH YEAH. The point is this isnt the opinion of a caveman, its a great question that got me to thinking. You’d have to have selective blindness not to notice the half shavens, the dyed baldies,  baby afros, flowing locks and volumized coarse blowouts in the city these days. The black hair universe has gotten a lot more diverse in the last 2-3 years.

Reflecting on that, i had a few questions of my own:

It does seem the volumized or textured tresses are all the rage now. What exactly is prompting the wave of sisters to go ahead and get to channeling that inner Chaka Khan?   Is it just a NYC thing or are the sisters nationwide joining up to the *Obligatory black fist* natural hair movement?

A quick Google search of black hair trends 2010 will let you know: a rather large portion of us are now Chillin With no Chemicals (don’t steal my affiliated blog idea, i’ll hunt ya down).  Many natural hair care blogs and independent entrepreneurs offering natural hair care products have come into their own,  even offering guidance and advice for women considering the big detox.  The movement itself has so many outlets- online and offline; conventions and meetups from Richmond and Chicago to a natural black hair care salon ready for franchising (TAG Salon in Buckhead) in the black hair Mecca we know as Atlanta.  There are neverending blogrolls and Youtube Channels forming support systems for those interested in joining Team Natural, and to be honest- they’ve even sparked my interest!

The reasons why are the most interesting to me.  While there are a percentage that went the natural route after complete and irreversible damage from perms, weaves and/or  over processing (We’ve all seen that awesomely horrible shot of supermodel Naomi Campbell SMH=/), there are plenty of other reasons.  Some just wanted a change, some grew weary of the expense (50 cash per appointment for the bone straight look/more for tracks, labor, and upkeep), while other women are having something akin to a spiritual experience- expressing an urge to confront their own demons and embrace a non-Eurocentric beauty ideal.  The vast majority of women giving testimony mention having more confidence than ever before. They also speak on true self-acceptance and self-love, although the transition period might have you playing this jawn on repeat i hear, which kind of frightens me =\).

Now, Ive been down with TEAM Cremeycrack since about the age of 13. I had amazingly/scarily thick course hair (think Rudy Huxtable) previously and saw the perm as a handout directly from the man upstairs. I think i spent half my childhood getting my hair washed and braided- no exaggeration.   After a few stress induced bouts with hair thinning/loss of thickness post-perm, i’ve been entertaining thoughts of a trade–especially when i see a woman in her forties with that trademark wispythin ponytail.  With the wave of new products and techniques on the natural side- could I possibly make the switch? I wonder what I would look like with a babyfro? Locks? Somebody get me to a wig shop post haste.

We’ve got a hung jury in my court for now.  But to all of the likeminded ladies, let me know how you feel… #TeamBoneStraight #TeamWeavetoAchieve or #TeamAuNaturale?  Remember- no matter how we style it- fly is fly-and fly we will remain!

Below are some sites that peaked my interest during my E-Quest for info. – Black Girl Long Hair – To Be a Naturalista – TAG Concepts Salons-ATL – Curly Nikki – Long Hair Care Forum

Keep it fresh-faced, ladies!

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8 Responses to The Wave/Kink Nouveau

  1. Danni says:

    Jo, this has been a topic that I have been heavily weighing on for some time now. I have always had long healthy hair and as of lately, I’ve been dealing with the side effects of being on #TeamCreamyCrack: The breakage, the shedding, the constant maintenance, and the guilt of paying a grip to keep the hair DID. I don’t think I could do the baby fro though (Can I get a “hell naw?”). But I do know that I am ready to seek some relief and go back to the healthy state that my hair was once in ages ago!

  2. peach1285 says:

    Hey Jo!
    Great post to go with my coffee! 🙂
    I think all of the above mentioned is pretty spot on! Why black women trade up is def a mixture of a lot things… Age, trend, religion, medical and even attention as reasons to go all natural. I just know that being a black woman myself we are so caught up in our hair. We become prisoners and often developed a complex about it from very young ages. So if your not ok with the way things have become regarding your hair, def try something new! Do whatever makes you happy and not cus you see it being done by so many people. We’re women of many different shades, shapes and textures. I love seeing how beautiful and diverse we are! #CWNM !!! I love this but will admit its not for me! Im fried, dyed and layed to the side!

  3. kai says:

    I love this. I decided to take some time in my adult life to try it, and was shocked when i de-extensionised my hair lol. I look at my hair and see my mom and dad. Kinda scary but very true.

  4. joannagenius says:

    Nothing wrong with #TeamFried&Dyed Neish =) as long as its healthy go ahead and fry it up!

    We are so caught up in it, but sometimes i think we shouldnt be afraid of new things, especially when our hair is literally talking to us.

    As for me, no matter how much time i sit with that creme on my roots, as soon as it gets humid out- my hair pulls a Professor Klump on me- FAT OUT THERE/PERMED FRO.

    I used to be scared to really let it go, but now i know, it dont really matter- my wild african caribbean mixed roots are gonna show themselves regardless of how much i pay Mercedes to blow them straight.

    I’ll keep you guys in the loop if i decide to jump out the window on this one.

    Cuzzo, you know we’re in the same boat- amazing amounts of hair have thinned out and it kinda makes me wonder ‘what am i doing to myself’, ya know? PLUS- ive looked the same essentially since i straightened my hair, id like a big change =) Just got to make sure its a change for the better.

    Kai i want pics. Pics or it didnt happen! =)

  5. lovelyshenelle says:

    As the woman who is not afraid to take a risk in this department, i believe that it is liberating to go au natural as well as getting 22 inches of India’s finest ! My point is do what makes you happy and maintain the healthy. When we let society dictate what we become committed to we fall victim to something that may not be us ! S0 whether you shave it off , sew it up , press it out or twist it up make sure it puts a smile on your face!
    hell my hair is magenta with hearts shaved into the side and i promise you its for no one but me!

  6. Maxiel says:

    As a woman a Dominican woman who permed her hair (not by choice) since I was 9ish… and has soooo many hair stories I could probably write a book. I think you should totally give au natural look a try! I did it about 7 years ago and til this day has been the most liberating experience I’ve had in my adult life. just imagine….going to sleep at night, no rollers, no tubi/hair wrap, and getting up washing your hair EVERYMORNING and walking out your house without curling-blowing-or combing! ufff! amazing!!! I surely miss those days when I had a fro! Long story short somehow ended up relaxing my hair again- biggest mistake ever! But now I’m back growing my beautiful naps back lol It is a lot of work but in the end, its worth it! So like other people said in their comments, do what makes you feel happy and beautiful and make sure you do it for yourself!

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