Do The Ladies Run This Mutha ________ ?!

F ollowing Joanna’s post…! And i must say if you haven’t read it yet, you’re missing out. Its Thursday aka Peach’s post day. Yay! I decide that I want to share some of my favorites for a GNI! The Girls Night In! Yes! If your weekend isn’t as zesty as mine will be. Lol. (wink!) I’m going to visit my boyfriend in North Carolina for his birthday. And if you decide to be low-key and stay home. Invite the girls over! Nothing beats being at home and getting loose… Here’s some of my must haves always on rotation:

Absolute Brooklyn. Limited edition and awesome. All you need is a cup with a few ice cubes, part apple juice and part ginger ale. Yum.

The portable stripper pole! Our girl Tee has one. Good times and a great work out.

Electrik Red album How to be a lady Vol. 1. Love them! Sister to one of our own here at CWNM. Their lyrics are in your face and unapologetic. Please pick this up or download it on iTunes if you haven’t already. Definite playlist for my girls night in.

Ok, not everyone has a Make up Boss like Shenelle. And as I’ve mentioned before I go to her regarding my skin and all the things relative. She put me on to doing at-home all natural spa treatments. They’re quick and easy and you can do them yourself. My favorite mask is the Strawberry Mask. I recommend you try it. Just follow the simple steps below:

Strawberries are a natural source of salicylic acid which is found in most
over-the-counter acne medicines. The yogurt is great for soothing skin


– 1/4 cup strawberries (fresh, not frozen please)
– 1/4 cup sour cream or non-flavored yogurt

Mash together the strawberries and yogurt or sour cream. Spread on face and wash after 10-15 minutes.

*Exhales * The Twilight boys! Got to love them. For my GNI Twilight and Twilight New Moon are amongst my top DVD choices. Get cozy, prepare to fall in love and have the popcorn on deck. Go Team Edward!

Tarot cards. Have fun and engage.

And last but not least. Treat yourself to some take out. Its Friday after all. Kick back and enjoy having no dishes.

These are just a few of my ole faithfuls. Remember to keep it cute and pretty in your cozy gear. If you have a pole make sure The “Big Lips” thigh high boots are in tote. Try to keep the shorty’s on text, bbm and twitter at bay. After all it is quality time with the chicas. And have fun. I’ve had so many of these nights. We’ve cried our eyes out, laughed our pants off or just sat quietly simply enjoying each others presence. As the saying goes. Men come and go, friends don’t!

What are some of your GNI tips and tricks?


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3 Responses to Do The Ladies Run This Mutha ________ ?!

  1. joannagenius says:

    OMG Neish I kinda wish you werent going to NC now =/ I still havent seen two of the three twilight movies, and you know i need to have you + Kai there for the behind the scenes book breakdowns.

    Absolute Brooklyn and stripper poles?
    Either thats a crazy amount of fun or a horrible accident (Ouch!). I took a class once- whoo, that upper body strength is a must!
    Great post! Long Live the GNIs and #THANKSFORBREAKINGITDOWNFORUS!

  2. peach1285 says:

    Joooo-anna Genius!!!!!! My fav!

    Thanks! Sharing is caring. And thought why not post the typical CWNM girls night in!

    But note to self: Stripper pole first! Then have a drink after! This way we avoid all accidents.

    And of course…. When i get back we’ll watch the first Twilight movie and go see Eclipse!

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