The Smokey Eye: Smoked-Out or Out of Control?!?

L adies, if your desire is that sultry smoked out look that you see in magazines and on your favorite celebs, have no fear! I’m here too make it clear. There is no reason for you Belles to run the town looking bruised and animal-esque (raccoons are not so cute).

Try doing your eyes before you do your concealer and foundation. This one step can make a world of difference. Think about it…whether you use a eye shadow or (my favorite) a good ole cole pencil! ( Side note: My fan fav is Rimmel London Black Magic and its only 4$).  When doing your eyes first, you are able to clean up well and give shape to your smokey look. Yes, its ok too pull out your makeup wipes.

First things first: Line your inner rim and shade your eye too your natural crease! Keep in mind we all have different shaped eyes and the idea is to accent the eye shape not to over power it.

If your idea of smokey is black from lash line too brow bone its WRONG! My suggestion is too add color 1/3 or less and take a round tip blending brush and blend up and out so what was black around the seams will now become a bit softer stop short of scary ladies ;).

Next highlight, take a basic champagne color shimmer and lightly stroke right under your brow. Your subtle champagne should meet your blended smoke! Last but not least pop a bit of that champagne in each inner corner to brighten your eyes up and draw in light.

Highlight the corners

Now do your makeup as usual and for a finishing touch load those lashes up w a ton of mascara and maybe even a falsey for drama.

I can almost guarantee with a bit of practice you can give ole Kim K a run for her money !   Get it ? I hope soo !  Let me know how it works for you .

A beautiful smokey eye!

With love from love.


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2 Responses to The Smokey Eye: Smoked-Out or Out of Control?!?

  1. Thanks for the make-up advice!

    • joannagenius says:

      Dont mention it- Let us know when you use it, what it looks like!!

      Be on the lookout for more tips as well!

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