Sexy By the Books: Tasty Tuesday

I was standing by the fiction books in the library, after hours.
I wanted something exciting to read.
Something to stimulate my mind, and body.


Suddenly, I hear a crack in the floor at a distance.
“Whos’ there?” I shout.

No response.

As I slowly step down from the step-stool, my skin-tight pencil skirt gets caught on the side of the step.
I slowly move back and forth, thrusting my hips, trying to break free.

My skirt  rips.

I have no pantyhose, tights, leggings, or even any panties on, so I must cover myself.

I begin to wrap my blazer around my waist…

I hear cracks in the floor getting closer, faster, quickly approaching.

And there he stands…
With no clothes on…
My honey embraces me.

He holds me tightly in his arms as he whispers in my ear, softly and so seductively, “I want you.”

I feel his heart beating faster and faster as he slowly kisses my ear.
Slowly kissing every inch of my exposed body, the moans and groans begin…

As he caresses my every curve with his soft, full lips…
My eyes roll back…
I grab his hair…
Force his face into me…

Taste Me Tuesday…
Or tomorrow…
Or Thursday…

I know you want more. But what kind of author would I be if I left no cliffhanger?

Stay tuned for next week’s edition of Tasty Tuesday.
Now you have something to look forward to.

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Thoughts? Comments? Please leave your feedback below. Have a Tasty Tuesday!


About tanialbreton

I'm the "take her home to momma" type of girl. I love sports, adventures, traveling, and making people laugh. I have a very outgoing personality and love life!
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