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A Poem for You

You stuck by my side through the good and bad You listened to my every nagging word even when I was enraged, mad You don’t ignore my calls You let me borrow your phone when I threw mine against the … Continue reading

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“No One Man Should Have All that Power.”

he Scandal of the hour to hit the interwebs, the blogs, and cable news involves one of the most renown black religious leaders of today and 4 men that have come forth to say that they were manipulated and sexually … Continue reading

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Meeting The Other Woman

You’ve been rocking with us for a little bit over a month now ladies (and gents!). The thing about us that makes us different is that you know we give it to you straight up here while still being ladies … Continue reading

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Ask A Real Dude: Good Guy Gone Bad

LL GUYS ARE GOOD. Yeah, I said it. There are just things, or rather a series of events that cause him to turn in to an a$$h•le. No, I’m not just copping a plea here. There is a quote that … Continue reading

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Each day I wake up and say ‘thank you’ There are things in my life that I would love to change But I’m thankful for a pulse I can wake up in the morning and breathe I have food and … Continue reading

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Five Bullets in the Corpse of My Clubbing Days

This is an oldie but goodie- a note id written last march to my friends that still holds true. used to love to go out in NYC. I had a profound love for going out – every part of it … Continue reading

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I’m Not Sayin He’s a Gold-digger…

o last week, I touched on living within your means or “wearing YOUR shoe size“. It makes no sense for you to be carrying the new Delightful Monogram, but you’re two months behind in your rent. That’s just raggedy. And … Continue reading

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