The Ground Zero Mosque: a 4 step breakdown (sponsored by#OMGFACTS)

S tardate 1009.01.

Feels like I must be time traveling from a planet far far away because its just NOT making the least bit of sense. Even to a genius. In respect to the great city we hail from, we break from our regularly scheduled programming to break it down here on CWNM. Why? Because an informed B.I.T.C.H. is an empowered B.I.T.C.H. and we’re proud members of #TeamAntiAirhead.

This month, New York will be marking down its 9th year since that clear sunny day that ended in ash and fire. No amount of time will erase the affect September 11th had on the city as a whole. Much respect is due to the victims and the heroes. When I think back to when we were cleared to head back downtown afterwards- seeing countless smiling faces taped to the gates of St Paul’s Chapel down the street from this new place they were calling Ground Zero. The desperation and sadness put the heart of my city in a choke hold.

People from all walks of life were taken, and people from all walks of life were affected; families of all faiths lost brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. Due to news coverage, our local tragedy became a national one and we all looked on helplessly while people cried and circled that chapel looking to find the smiling faces on their pieces of paper. A national tragedy indeed.

A National Tragedy. Not a culturally exclusive one. Not a religiously exclusive one either, though thats what you may be lead to believe.

Fast Forward to Nazi germany present day America, specifically conservative/religion friendly/card carrying bible toters/ “red blooded americans” spinning contempt for the this ‘Ground Zero Mosque’. America is now up in arms and showing its more ugly side to the camera. ( Sidebar: i always found that saying extremely weird- first off blood is blue until it hits oxygen #OMGFACTS second- is there some exclusive kind of blood out now or has the blood transfusion gone the way of the record player too?) I know the news writers live and die for attention grabbing headlines – but ‘Ground Zero Mosque’? Why would we put that headline in front of this nation of skimmers- people that do not read fine print, don’t read at all, or are too busy to read past the first paragraph?

First off lets get a few things squared away:
1. Unless we start calling all nearby businesses the Ground Zero ________ (IE the Ground Zero McDonalds, The Ground Zero TMobile Store, The Ground Zero Taco Bell) – that phrasing is COMPLETELY INACCURATE. Its not ON the site- its actually located at the site of an abandoned Burlington Coat Factory a tenth of a mile away depending on which part of the WTC site you come from. (Courtesy of Huffington Post – Matt Sledge)
2. The actual function of the center will be more along the lines of a 92nd St Y community center than anything else (#OMGFACTS92nd St Y– still holds Jewish classes and culture while still managing to do a host of other things in the community).

Park51 …would include prayer space, a 500-seat performing arts center, a library, a culinary school, child-care facilities and a swimming pool.

(NY Observer)
Yeah, that sounds like the run of the mill mosque to me. (/SARCASM)
3. :Jay-Z voice: I thought this was America People? Aren’t religious intolerance and freedom from persecution basic principles of the American way of life? Has fear and fear alone put an end to that?
4. Were Muslim Americans exempt from 9/11? Did they all get a message to stay home that morning or were they too included in the sea of smiling faces on the gates of St Paul’s? Part of the beauty of New York City is its diversity. We share in the good of the city and that day we shared in the bad. Being sensitive to the loss of the families would include being sensitive to the losses Muslim families suffered as well- RIGHT?


Whoa. Just... Whoa.

America’s outrage and aggressive (and yes I’ll admit- SCARY) anti-Muslim swing seems to be gathering momentum, one need only look online, maybe even in your Facebook to find extreme views on whats going on at 45 Park Place in New York and in the hearts and minds around the country. Feelings and emotions are raging but i think part of the problem is the masses making rash judgements with their hearts instead of their brains- never really knowing the difference. America loves a good ass kicking revenge tale- but isn’t that the kind of thinking that brought the planes into those buildings 9 years ago?

Id love to see my personal philosophy used in this time of crisis – lets elevate, use our hearts, and never leave thinking out of the mix.

All the Way Turnt Up and Out.

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5 Responses to The Ground Zero Mosque: a 4 step breakdown (sponsored by#OMGFACTS)

  1. peach1285 says:

    Wow! Message!

    It is very sad to think that these groups are being formed etc.
    Buts its safe to say that they are making computers smarter and people more dumb!

    Like you said. The cuplrits and leaders of these embarrasing facebook pages are the ones that prolly havent ever watched the news.

    And arent we talking about the same America that has tv shows in High Schools where students are divided and perform hate crimes amongst their classmates? SMH!

  2. beedee says:

    People are making ridiculous claims about the forthcoming mosque without realistically analyzing the facts – its not even on the freaking site of the attack – close, but no cigar.

    Very insightful post!

  3. Shanelle says:

    Wow! Bless you for this post!!! 🙂

  4. shenelle mays says:

    Jo that was nothing short of geneious!. You are all the way turnt up with love, truth and honor. This post was very insightful and heart felt ! Turn it up some more you have a gift boo!

  5. danni says:


    Truly, thank you for breaking it down for us. I think this nonsensical attack on any Muslim will be the true downfall of this country. This is the UNITED states of America. Isn’t it?

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