Ask A Real Dude

For many years women have raised the question. “How do I know what my man is thinking?”. To keep it real ladies most of the time your man isn’t thinking anything special at all. There’s no secret to a man. But I will say this: the only things that goes thru a mans mind is Sex, Money, and how to get more of the two. There’s one difference in men—if you have a good man that listens to your rambling, he will try to understand you and have the gumption just to make you happy by doing random nice things. Then, there are the dudes who really could care less. But in all fairness like I previously stated, “Men Are Random”; and that’s really the secret. You just have to make sure he thinks of you when random thoughts go thru his mind.

Here are a couple ways to do just that for all guys:

Step One: Let him be a man. There are ways to make a dude believe he is in control! For guys its all about the look, we could care less about the behind the scenes. Women have all the power. You just have to know how to tap into that power. There are ways to speak, love, dislike, demand, hug, and even get money from a guy. Its all in how you carry yourself. Men love confidence it gives them a boost in drive to do better not just for themselves for you as well.

Step Two: Give one and take two. Give your man one pass and take two. For example: If he wants to do something you absolutely despise, let him do it. And look fine when you approve. If you give the look that you’re really not for his ideas, it won’t work. The trick is to give him enough rope to hang himself. That way when you go for your two he has absolutely no say so on the issue.

Now this third step is very important and its the hardest for women: Listen to your man when he’s excited to tell you something; EVEN WHEN YOUR BUSY… I repeat “EVEN WHEN YOUR BUSY”. When a guy tries to tell you something and he’s determined to let it out that means you’re IN! He trusts you with his heart. I know it sounds weird but that’s how you know you got him. Men are primitive. Our actions go off random thoughts where women are analytical. Their actions are planned. So when we let what’s dear to our hearts out, you have the power to boost his spirits, or crush his dreams. So listen to his voice, and watch his actions, because to read a man is like reading a book, all you have to do is open it. Once you’ve read it there’s nothing new he can do……….. Unless there’s another girl (But we’ll save that for another post).

Ask a real dude…


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14 Responses to Ask A Real Dude

  1. peach1285 says:

    This is beyond the truth.

    Especially step number 3. Its so impoartant its beyond it. Im so there and just needed to hear this. Thanks.

    And ladies if its 2.45am, your sleep and you get a phone call from him cus he wants to share his emotions… Chicky lend him your ear!

  2. kai says:

    nice work j. i think most women have no idea what they want in a man, they just want one! and when then get a good one, they dont know how to keep um. Thanks for sharing, we all need to hear stuff like this to keep our mind right.

  3. tammyllc says:

    Where were you 6 years ago, lol? Anyway, with step 3: suppose you do “wake up at 2:45am” to listen…
    Suppose it really is something stupid-how should I “lovingly” shut it down?

  4. omar says:

    Great read bro and very true.

  5. J.Meyer says:

    Well if it’s 2:45am and he hits you up with something other than the following he deserves a side eye and a curse out. the list goes as follows:
    More money coming in
    or baby I lost my keys
    If it’s not those and he calls you for foolishness then by all means shut him down, cause your sleep and I’m pretty sure if it was the other way around and you called him to let him know you found a sale on the shoes you wanted he would not hesitate to low key curse you out…..

  6. J.Meyer says:

    You can but before you do ask yourself how would you want to be treated if it was you… Most relationship spats happen because we forget the golden rule, and we expect to be treated like royalty on our terms and I say we because its an issue for both sexes no matter there preference.

  7. tammyllc says:

    Well that’s why I said “depending on the situation”. Things happen, streets is watching etc. But if you’re arrested for something we have been BLATANTLY disagreeing on for a while then wait until morning to call (just to let me know you’re alive) because I don’t have instant bail funding and I won’t have a sympathetic tone to calm you.

    • J.Meyer says:

      Lets say he did wait till the morning to call you. Nine times outta ten you would be up anyway when you realize he is not in the house or answering your calls, calling him all kinds of MF. BUt if he did something you and him budded heads over I fully understand and he needs to handle that himself.. But think about this if you got arrested and you and him spoke about something he didn’t want you to do (Like go out that night cause he had a bad feeling) would you want him to hurry and find a way to get you outta jail, or wait till he woke up and was alert

      • tammyllc says:

        You’re talking about intuition, I’m talking about very well scheduled trips to Arizona and the like. Intuition falls under the “things happen” category. lol-and yes, I would want him to hurry and come get me out.

  8. J.Meyer says:

    I’m talking about any and everything i just gave a simple example. But as long as were on the same page your good

  9. Nello Luchi says:

    I’ve lived with you for most of my life… Where was this when i needed it? smh. lol. Honestly though… Good job J. Love the post.

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