Bad Chicks Dig Good Art: III

Be prepared for a fantastic voyage later on this month to Ancient China…via the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As Holland Carter from the NY Times put it:

Last year, for whatever reason — the economy, accidents of scheduling — our encyclopedic museums fell short on global mojo. Across the country ambitious shows of non-Western art were scarce. When this happens, history gets stalled; we get small. In the most culturally interconnected time ever, familiarity with the art of the rest of the world, which means exposure to other ideas and values, just makes practical sense: it keeps us in the cosmopolitan loop, makes us full citizens. When the art isn’t there and in clarifying contexts, we drop back on the learning curve when we should be moving ahead.

I could not have said it any better myself. This month I have a reason to head to one of my favorite museums. In my last semester at F.I.T., I took an East Asian art history class and fell in love with the history, sculpture, and paintings of Ancient China and Japan. It opens September 28 and is the perfect way to take in the breath taking pieces while they are here in the city. *Fly date alert!*


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  1. weight says:

    yeah my mom will like this

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