Dont Fall Victim to the Plight of the Arm Piece.

Y ou know…a while back someone tweeted a link to this YouTube video and I knew I’d eventually build an entry on the strength of it. Jerry LaVigne Jr. is the man featured (looks like a boy but hey- he’s my age- go figure) in this video and in the series he speaks on a lot of his ‘life lessons’. At first or to the untrained ear- they seem like country ass ramblings of some yella boy. But after some serious thought- this dude brings up some strong points.
The video really taps into a point I’ve been preaching for a minute now. A lot of women busy themselves cultivating an image- a standard of dress, a standard of people to associate with, where to shop and flawless makeup application. All key points of development – the ladies of CWNM see and understand that. Hell- some of us specialize in it (Hi Chenelllllllle!!). Nothing wrong with perfecting your arm piece game.

The sad truth is the shelf life of even the most exquisite arm piece is never long enough. I mean, if that’s how long you intend to stay around any potential mate then BOOM– You’re Straight! But if you intend on sticking around for awhile then there is something you absolutely MUST do.

Girl one thing you need to know is if you bore someone to tears and don’t exhibit the qualities of a partner (a ‘Ride or Die’ if you will)… You will become so last season so quickly!
I say there are a lot of things to be learned from lightskin in the youtube video. But uh lets stick to the 6 steps to developing a personality.

1. START FOLLOWING A SPORT. Or TWO. Pick a sport – Pick a team and learn what’s going on in the game all on your own…Call it expanding your horizons. The Girls of CWNM THOROUGHLY enjoy watching sports and we are by no means a rare breed. Besides the fact that women that can understand a sports are put up on a pedestal- I think it’s a healthy part of the human experience. Humanize yourself dear.

2. GET YOUR LIVE SHOW GAME UP– Hit a Concert or two. Being able to talk about more than the last sale you hit is amazing. Also- Lets expand horizons past something we’d hear on MTV Jams.

3. Get PRACTICED IN THE ART OF CONVERSATION. Despite what you may think men LOVE to talk…but this all depends on what you talk about. Men love to talk about themselves, talk shit, talk shop.. yes all this is true. Regardless-witty conversation = Sexy, forget anything else you’ve heard. Besides that- conversation is necessary for anyone that has ever interviewed anywhere…which is ERRYBODY ..which leads to my next point…

4. TIME SPENT WORKING IS TIME WELL SPENT. Your work speaks on your personality. If there is something you do well – do everything you can to develop it. Making money off of a talent you cultivated in yourself is what they should teach you to do in school- (Wait- was that what I was supposed to be doing in college? Damn. Late pass for me =/) A lot of people would be happier if they understood this Im sure. In the mean time- in the age of mass unemployment, you better work the hell out of that 9-5.

5. CULINARY TENDENCIES NEVER HURT NOBODY! Patti Labelle, Rachel Ray, and everyone that has ever appeared on Top Chef all have books out. Don’t be afraid to burn something for yourself- and in the long run it’ll benefit you more than any friend employed at the trendiest restaurant in town. This is a talent you only share with people that matter- no matter their sex. Nourishment is Love.

6. GET TO LEARNING YOU SOMETHING. We’ve got Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, History Channel, MSNBC, CNN, C-SPAN. We can even kick it old school and Channel Thirteen it out or do the unthinkable and read something. There are way too many means of gaining knowledge to be Sarah Palin’ing it through life. GIRL STOP.

All of these are things that won’t help you in one specific department, they might help you in all of them. A well rounded woman is a keeper, be it in the eyes of a man or a hiring manager.

And if all else fails… you can always do some HEAUX shit.


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7 Responses to Dont Fall Victim to the Plight of the Arm Piece.

  1. beedee says:

    lol @ get to learning you something

    all excellent points – a well balanced woman can accept (and excel at) all of the tips listed here 🙂

  2. peach1285 says:

    Your 6 commandments are forever important for any women and young girl!

  3. Danni says:

    Ha! Bravo!!! Two snaps up!

    One thing I think you missed…staying in shape. I think it’s important to care for your body as no man wants his arm candy to look like all she eats is candy. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and whatever skin you are comfortable in, maintain it…at least for ourselves. I can’t get to the gym everyday but I at least fit in a mini workout here and there.

    I say, ladies, if you can’t always be the sharpest knife in the drawer but at LEAST have other things in the arsenal to fall back on. #SinkOrSwim

  4. tammyllc says:

    Jo, you’re the dopest-such a recipe for a bad chick (btw, git w/me)

  5. shenelle mays says:

    Listen its all ab being the best you ! What ever it takes all risks inn . Ladies we should all challenge our selves! Ask your self am I better than I was yesterday! Did I accomplish any thing I cld be poroud of in the last week, month, or year!

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