Richness in Life or in Your Bank Account?

This has re focused me on what is really important and  coming to an understanding that richness in life is better than richness in your bank account.

Life is an endless source of richness. In some way or another, everything that comes your way increases that richness. From the smallest petal on a flower, to the wide and distant horizon, you’ll find energy and possibility, and astounding lessons to be learned. From the most intimate whisper to the roar of a crowd, there are ideas, dreams, hopes and love in every flavor. The possibilities have no end. And they grow more stunning with each advancing moment. The real richness is not found in any one thing. Rather, it is in the sheer abundance and availability of it all.

Let yourself enjoy life’s richness, right now. Let yourself find fulfillment in whatever you’re doing. Allow joy to flow easily and naturally through you. Let it come, let it go, and let more arrive to take its place. Transcend the difficulties by releasing your thoughts of how difficult they are. Simply live your way through them, moment by moment, growing and building value all the time. Hold no guilt or worry about what should have been or what might be. Let yourself think and act in the moment, unafraid and not at all intimidated. Let yourself discover how astonishingly effective you can be.

Love for the sake of love. Live for the sake of living. Learn just because you can. Don’t fill the future with ambiguous motives or imagined fears. Fill the moment you’re in with the extraordinary richness of ordinary life. This day is a gift that you’ve never had before. Jump in and explore the treasure that is at your feet. Life’s beauty appears at exactly the place where you choose to see it. Choose to see the beauty and value of whatever situation you experience. Listen to the part of you that resonates with life’s true and never ending goodness and richness. Experience again and again, in a new way each time, what it means to be truly alive.



About tanialbreton

I'm the "take her home to momma" type of girl. I love sports, adventures, traveling, and making people laugh. I have a very outgoing personality and love life!
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