Each day I wake up and say ‘thank you’

There are things in my life that I would love to change

But I’m thankful for a pulse

I can wake up in the morning and breathe

I have food and clothing and a roof over my head

I appreciate the small things in life: mainly hugs and smiles.

I enjoy the things that money can’t buy: love and true friendship.

I’m thankful.

Remember, life is too short to hold grudges.

Life is too short to have hatred in your heart.

Laughter is truly good for the soul.

Surround yourself with the people that make you smile.

Speak to the people who have goals and ambitions.

Be thankful for the people that keep you going: those that encourage and push you.

Tell them you love them.
Never go to sleep worrying or with a heavy heart.

I’m thankful.
These things sound simple. But, how many of us actually do them?

What are you thankful for?


About tanialbreton

I'm the "take her home to momma" type of girl. I love sports, adventures, traveling, and making people laugh. I have a very outgoing personality and love life!
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