Meeting The Other Woman

women face off, about to fight, girl fight
You’ve been rocking with us for a little bit over a month now ladies (and gents!). The thing about us that makes us different is that you know we give it to you straight up here while still being ladies about it. We just wanna say, THANK YA!

Every once in a while, you find yourself in a situation where “lady” may not be how you want to get down. You feel the need to take the crown off, place it to the side, and put the vaseline on. Is this behavior ever warranted? Perhaps…when you come face to face with the OTHER WOMAN. Sit tight. I think I’m about to hit a serious nerve with a few of you.

It’s a peculiar position to be caught in, isn’t it? Looking into the eyes of the woman who might have known you existed and went ahead and “did her” anyway, could be the reason why the next picture you take would be a mug shot. This is the woman who dashed your fairytale for your wedding day. The one he was texting late at night. The “homegirl” whom you knew nothing about until recently. The reason why you couldn’t get a hold of him for four hours that day. Yeah, her. And she’s looking you dead in the face right now. You both know what each other looks like because, thanks to the wonderful world of social networking, it was easy to tell what was on the other side. You both had your ways of finding out all the information you needed about to know about each other. You had anticipated and played this moment over and over in your head saying to yourself, “When I catch this b*tch in the street, it’ll be WWIII”. But instead…smile, thank her, and strut (Yes strut! Don’t you disappoint me! You better work it!! Whip the hair too, ’cause it’s longer than hers! LOL) in the opposite direction. Thank her. Yes, thank her.

You shouldn’t lose your cool and go off on her lace front for plenty of reasons. Although, she was dead wrong for what she did, so was he. Too many times, we let the nonsense slide and go off on the other woman for “trying to take our man”. But guess what, your man went—WILLINGLY. As much as you don’t want to believe it, there is nothing that another person can do that will make anybody do something that they don’t want to do. In other words, he wanted to cheat, she just pushed the easy button.

She took your headache from you. I’m sure besides the actual act of cheating, there were other things that went south. Maybe he stopped taking you out. Perhaps he put you down and made you feel bad about yourself. You could have been just settling. So, he went out and found HIS match because clearly, he wasn’t on your level. You knew you could have done better. Look at this situation as a real reason why you had to finally leave and stop making excuses for the douche bag!

Why would you stoop down to her level and give her the upper hand? The fact that you would want to lay hands on her means, that you are angry and emotionally unstable, which means she is controlling you and and your emotions, which gives her power over you. Not the move. Besides, is she (and him) really worth a trip up North? Survey says: No. When it’s said and done, she has to deal with the fact that she got a man that would leave his girl for another woman. Think about that one for a second.

In the end, you won. You got your freedom to choose who you will spend your time with, the chance to learn about yourself, and you dodged a bullet. Imagine if you married that guy or had a child with him?? Scary! And if there is a child involved, you’ve given yourself the space to focus on what’s most important. As for the other girl, her consolation prize: a cheating, untrustworthy, loser. I’ve been here before. I had the strength to walk away because I knew that I had done nothing to deserve what happened to me and I’m sure she knew just how wrong she was. A person’s conscience can be the worst punishment that they can face sometimes.  Just let kindness be the nail in the coffin and make sure that your conscience is clear.

Has this happened to you ladies? What did seeing the other woman do to you? Were you just over it? Did you let your emotions get in the way? Did you speak to her? How did you deal with it?


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