“No One Man Should Have All that Power.”

The Scandal of the hour to hit the interwebs, the blogs, and cable news involves one of the most renown black religious leaders of today and 4 men that have come forth to say that they were manipulated and sexually abused at the hand of said religious leader(for this post let’s refer to him as Religious Leader X- there have been A-W before him so it doesn’t really matter his name). Since the legal age of consent in the state of Georgia is 16, this isnt legally regarded as pedophilia – However anyone that’s held a conversation with a 16 year old would know- a 16 year old is a CHILD.

The allegations are grave. The men are even backing things up with *SMH/FACEPALM* Camera phone bathroom pics of Religious Leader X (AKA the MySpace Specials). Gifts, intercontinental trips, money, vehicles were lavished on these young men while they were taken advantage of.

Being that the man has not been tried by a jury of his peers, I’ll leave the ‘Is he guilty’ talk for some other more qualified blogger. I myself am extra skeptical of the overly religious and the overly anti-homo-sexual  every time a scandal breaks I am more convinced that Im right. Let us for a minute, as difficult as it is—gloss over the particulars and look at the root of the issue.

*Dramatic Pause*

People give Organized Religion and its’ leaders way too much power.

Im not squaring the blame completely on black people- there are victims all over the world- Word to The Pope. But after seeing one after the next religious leader go down in kiddie porn loving Chris Hansen T.C.A.P. FLAMES for abuse of the children they are supposed to be teaching and mentoring… who would entrust the innocence of their children to someone they don’t even (really) know?

Im as back to Africa as they come but uh, no one is taking my (non-existent as he is) child on a 6 hour flight ALONE to another continent. If you want my child to experience Africa, be ready to drop the dough for mother and child.

Im starting to think that the agenda on gay marriage and homosexuality is set to take the heat off trifling leaders. Child molestation charges fly like rice at a wedding, regardless of denomination and yet- it’s never really gotten as much attention as gay marriage. Why is that?

One would think endangering your offspring is much more of a problem, but that’s just my opinion. WAAAAY too many pardons and passes are given out for this. Hold people accountable for their wrongs. If you don’t, these same people that were pardoned will just continue on to the next one because they see themselves as above the law, and also – protected by their prestige.

Another side of this issue- people looking for an idol. By all means- embrace your house of worship, get acquainted with the religious teachings and grow in your faith- but people need to stop worshipping the preachers and priests. I might be mistaken here but I  thought the idea was to worship the word and the Lord, not the man talking about it.

Can the Choir give me an AMEN?

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3 Responses to “No One Man Should Have All that Power.”

  1. tammyllc says:

    Unfortunately, people do worship their religious leaders. Some of these leaders do not make enough of an effort to divert the affection away from them and back to the Lord (from my view on some Christian churches).
    RA Vernon, a pastor from Illinois, discussed why there is such “pride” in the black church (of course we know it spans color, etc). He said, some blacks would be referred to as boy and talked down to by other superiors. When they got to church, they could take on big titles such as chairperson or First Lady, etc. There they were able to compensate for the lack of respect received in the outside world even though it had no or limited biblical backing.
    Christians are not perfect. We are supposed to be able to do better to withstand sin etc due to the power of Christ. Even non-Christians hold many Christians to these standards. We still slip up. I don’t think the problem is in slipping up because consequences are not respectors of persons. The problem is in slipping up while full of pride. We tend to consider the heart of a person. As far as Eddie Long, I liked him-I felt like he could have preached more about how to live righteously as opposed to just “breakthrough”. I hope that the church addresses these issues fervently so that all parties (and future situations) can get the healing they need and able to live according to the standards that God wants for us.

  2. bet365 says:

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