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Resolutions: They Arent Just For New Years.

or honesty’s sake, I’m willing to admit it:  I’ve truly been in a daze recently. What was clear has become unclear, the constant has become very inconsistent. Why? Several people involved my life (People that have been a part of it for … Continue reading

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How Do You Define Success?

‘m more than just a pretty face, small waist, thick thighs, and lovely legs. I’m more than just an option or number. S ooo motivated. U npredicatable. C an’t stop grindin’. C ounting my blessings and being thankful for each … Continue reading

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The Life

If it’s one thing about the CWNM girls, we throw down on a plate of food! We absolutely love new cool places with great drinks, atmosphere, and a to-die-for menu! We’ve put together a must-do list of places we’ve visited … Continue reading

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Be Bigger Than You

or some time now, I’ve been searching for a place to pass on the gems that I’ve collected while trying to navigate through this crazy life to young women. Many teens and pre-teens do not have a positive adult influence … Continue reading

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Your TMI is Telling on You

This is a letter to the tough talkers out here… ear (Insert Man’s Name here) Are you an expert at talking about your ‘fwap game’? Do you like telling me what you’d like to do to me, what your favorite … Continue reading

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Forward Slash at no_makeup… Follow us into 2011!

As this year comes to an end and 2011 approaches… We usually look forward to new beginnings and ways to reinvent the rules from the year before. I am sharing my recap of 2010. Some things you may not have known and others to reconsider. If you were … Continue reading

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And You Say He’s Just a Friend….

    e was the one who used to chase you around the school yard in grade school. Middle school you hooked him up with the girl in your homeroom because you thought they’d make a cute couple. In high … Continue reading

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