I’m the Breadwinner, Baby!!

Please allow me to vent real quick.

Like most ladies, I love the songs “Miss Independent and She Got Her Own.” They speak to me.

The lyrics read, “I love her cuz she got her own. She don’t need mine, so she leave mine alone. There ain’t nothing in this world sexy, than a girl that want but don’t need me.”


Pardon me for playing devil’s advocate, but I got my own, so why are men intimidated by me when they find out that everything I own is in my own name? Hmmm.

In experiences that I’ve heard about and some I’ve encountered myself, makes me wonder: Why do men feel inferior if they aren’t making more money than their woman?

Some may feel like I’m being presumptuous in making that statement, but I feel like it has some merit.

Yes, I understand that men were raised to provide and protect for their family. But will you let money ruin a relationship/marriage?

Here’s my take on it: men and women should feel equal in a relationship, on all levels! They each should strive for more because the more the merrier. (Especially if kids are in the picture.)

I for one am making more than my honey. He is constantly in and out of work. I never throw it in his face that I’m making the bread and then coming home to bake it. I know my “role” and just support him for who he is and strives to be.

Am I wrong for wanting to achieve more? Should I be less ambitious? Nope! I’m good.


About tanialbreton

I'm the "take her home to momma" type of girl. I love sports, adventures, traveling, and making people laugh. I have a very outgoing personality and love life!
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One Response to I’m the Breadwinner, Baby!!

  1. peach1285 says:

    Tee there is nothing wrong with wanting more and achieving your goals. And there is especially nothing wrong with a women being the bread winner. I believe as long as the other partner is pulling their weight there is no problem…

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