Your TMI is Telling on You


This is a letter to the tough talkers out here…
Dear (Insert Man’s Name here)

Are you an expert at talking about your ‘fwap game’? Do you like telling me what you’d like to do to me, what your favorite things to do are, favorite positions, how much of a ‘freak’ you are – on a one-sided, excessive level? Have you detailed exploits that i never asked for? TMI on the first date? Show off your multiple tongue rings? Post and show pics of your oiled and bare torso ready for action?

If your BBM, GChat, FB, Ping, and Twitter are littered with graphic sexual exploits, overly freaky innuendo and all the positions you’re ready to put someone in tonight…

Guess what?

Youre being thoroughly ignored, Im unamused and completely unintrigued.

My immediate kneejerk reaction to men that do this? I shouldnt even say but.. i think anyone who engages in any of the behavior listed above is wack in the bedroom.

*Drops mic and walks off stage*

And I do mean thoroughly weak. Not OK, Not something to do to pass the time on a tuesday night… You’re probably somewhere on the basic side of garbage.

I also think your conversational skills are limited.


Something about a man attempting to fill my head with these amazing fantasies tells me the self professed stud is a sad little dud (sometimes literally =/) Only a tough sell would put so much effort into the sales pitch- its like a coach trying to psych his lose-tastic team into a win. The tough talk only works when the muscle is there to back it up. WHen the muscle is there, no talk necessary so that cancels that!
The truth is most women are Impulse Buyers or Piners. Buy now or buy MUCH LATER, but either way- no woman needs to be coaxed into the big buy-in if you catch my drift.

The biggest indicators that a man is worth his weight in jello when it comes down to it are: Interaction. chemistry. The same way there is a rhythm to a dance, theres a rhythm to the ebb and flow of the first conversations you have with a person. I’m starting to think conversational rhythm is directly related to horizontal rhythm- the ability to stick and move is the ability to stick and move regardless (is it not?)And they just don’t need to be too sexual in my opinion. No x-rated advertisements necessary. In short, I dont believe you, you need more people. Put on a shirt and stop force feeding your contacts unwanted sexual invitations.

In my experience the bad boys move in silence.

Am i wrong ladies?

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9 Responses to Your TMI is Telling on You

  1. Danni says:

    TABERNACLE! I’m so turned off by Mascots of Team Freak-Nasty! What about this do they think is cool. For me to be even mildly interested in somebody, they have to get me locked in mentally. And then, I’ll do the rest. A little thing called swagger goes a long way as well. The oiled up fake Genwines (with the baby hairs poppin!) of the world should all find a bridge. Be witty, worldy, and wise.

  2. Danni says:

    OH! and that pic is killer!! LOL

  3. peach1285 says:

    But i cant say enough how the bad boys move in silence…

    Its not at all attractive when a man does any of the sort for attention. To my liking a man is supposed to be cool, humble, respectful and a gentleman… Then in the bedroom he puts it down and shows you whose is it!

    But honestly women go for this… Eeeew. And the ones who like male strippers no?

    • joannagenius says:


      “a man is supposed to be cool, humble, respectful and a gentleman… Then in the bedroom he puts it down and shows you whose is it! ”


      Saw this tweet right after i wrote this:
      RT @MsTerryMcMillan: When people try too hard to convince you of something, they’re usually lying.

      Terry know what time it is LOL!

  4. Lovy says:

    That picture screams “my breath stinks!” WTH? Major turn off. I’m really disturbed by the photo, but otherwise good post!

  5. lovelyshenelle says:

    ummmm….. the bacteria on the tongue is a bit much for me. On a positive note there’s so much truth to all that you have said. The saying goes i can show you better than i can tell you. If we all lived by this we could get a lot further there are a few ladies out there that can benefit from this internally ! TALK IS CHEAP!

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