Be Bigger Than You

For some time now, I’ve been searching for a place to pass on the gems that I’ve collected while trying to navigate through this crazy life to young women. Many teens and pre-teens do not have a positive adult influence or role model to talk to, seek advice, or receive support from. I feel that it’s important as adults to look out for our children whenever possible. I whole-heartedly believe in the old adage “It takes a village…”. Even as a woman in my twenties, and considered a baby by most, I feel like my experiences could help a girl without any direction find her way.

I was blessed to have a team of strong, intelligent, and graceful women around me growing up. Beginning with my grandmother, who migrated from Jamaica with my grandfather tentatively leaving their eight children behind with family to create a better life for them. Amazing. Who’s strong enough to do that? She’s made so many sacrifices and taught me so much and I cannot express in words what she means to me. Then there’s my mom and her five sisters: All of whom I can call on at any time of the day and they know just what to tell me. I also had my father’s mother, a diminutive woman who took no mess but gave immeasurable amounts of love. Each of these women are the reasons why I am who I am today so I know the value of sisterhood, motherhood, and being a role model.

Earlier in the summer I had made a few failed attempts at trying to contact a couple non-profits to volunteer my time and was thwarted by answering machines, ever-ringing phones, or neglected websites who’s information from forms probably go to a mailbox of someone who doesn’t exist any more. Frustrated, I put my dreams of humanitarianism on hold and continued to concentrate on myself so that when the opportunity came around, I was ready. Then finally, two weeks ago, it did!

I had the pleasure of meeting a tall, striking, blonde-haired woman named Patricia Rose. She was looking for something to give to the girls of her non-profit organization Dorothy Rose 13, a camp that enforces positive decision-making, self-esteem, and enrichment activities. She gave me her card and a DVD, but I was already sold from the discussion we had. She shares the same views and concerns as I do as far as reaching out to young women. I cannot wait to start!!

I’m trying to do things that are bigger than me. I’ve realized that before this life is over, I’d like to be remembered for something other than this blog, my work, or anything else that won’t really matter when I’m gone.

Are there organizations that you’d like to volunteer for? Would you like to start your own? How important is it to give back and do you think that it would make a difference in today’s society?

For more information on Dorothy Rose 13, visit here.


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