Confidence vs. Conceit

confident woman

I am an over-achiever.  I can comfortably admit to this because I have proven it to myself and others my entire life. For example, I had a high grade point average throughout school and was even valedictorian in grade school (a nerd? yeah, but I was cool about mine). I’ve always pushed myself to do more and better than my best and everyone else. When I was old enough to work, I always had to be on time and accomplish my tasks ahead of schedule.

Now that I’m in my twenties, I have come to see more and more the ugly side of wanting more out of life. Some of my peers had issues with my ambition. “Maybe I’m going too hard” I thought. So I would try to downplay my abilities so that I wouldn’t stand out as much. I received less and less praise for my work. For a while, I had become like eveyone else: ordinary; and I didn’t like it.

Let me tell you something–being ordinary is for suckas. I’m off that! I had an awakening one day and it took a bit of effort to recognize that I am incredible. One of my close friends, Mark always jokingly calls me Big Wilma because I was always doing big things in life. My other close but dearly departed friend Kevin called me his It Girl because I have it all together and there aren’t many like me (I suppose, lol). If you are going to be something, whatever it is, be the best at it. That’s what my late grandmother always told me. There is a fine line between being confident and conceited. But when the root of it is love for yourself, you will know which side you are on.

Be unhappy with conformity, predictability, and being regular. It took me a while to embrace my greatness. While I am humble about it, I know that I go hard and I do things better than most. And I’m finally in a place where I’m okay with that. I can’t let the underachieving naysayers get to me. I don’t hear their false advice or foul suggestions. And sadly, these very same people can be a relative or a close friend that you’ve had for years. Don’t be blinded by the ties that bind you to people because family members are just as human as the people who aren’t related to you.

Ladies, let’s embrace being great. Do be ashamed to ask your boss for a promotion if you KNOW you deserve it. Continue to pursue that degree no matter the obstacles and get that 4.0 GPA. If you intimidate people, let that be their issue (because it is) and not yours. Love yourself, know yourself, and be yourself.


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3 Responses to Confidence vs. Conceit

  1. Agreed. Never be afraid to be great. Always know your self worth, and temper all knowledge of self with modesty.

  2. Aisha says:

    Love this! I did a segment on this topic on a radio show that I used to host called Be Real or Be Heard on blog talk radio. I am embracing my greatness! : )

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