Can’t Read My Poker Face

Poker Face Stays Winning!

If it is one thing us as women fail to do, time and time again, it’s to keep our emotions in check. Hell, we can’t help it. We’re built this way. I will not be apologetic for being a woman. I won’t even apologize for being a b*tch sometimes. But, as a woman I will apologize for not keeping my “crazy” in check. Many of you ladies are reading this right now and  saying to yourself, ‘I know a couple of girlfriends who are crazy, thank God I’m not!’. And many of you men are reading this and saying ‘Thank God, a woman who admits to being CRAZY!’. (We’ll touch on the subject of what crazy is in another post for another day.) Keeping your “crazy” in check or as I’m calling it, putting on your poker face, is a necessary skill for surviving those “Wish Somebody Would” moments and coming out on top.

Let me start off by saying this, remember the last time you saw a girl black out in public and was so happy that it wasn’t you? Or even better, had one of your guy friends tell you that his girlfriend can no longer hold a conversation anymore without bringing YOUR name into it? What do these women have in common: The inability to keep a poker face! Why is this so important you ask………..

“I’m not trying to hear all that right now”. How many times has this line been thrown at you in the heights of giving him (more than) a piece of your mind? Do you know why? Imagine if you had somebody screaming at the top of their lungs, calling you all kinds of names, and still trying to get a point across in the midst of all that madness??? Right. I’m not saying hold your tongue but, rather think of a way to communicate that is less counter-productive. Talk later after you’ve calmed down. But to get to that point, you have to walk it off and work through your emotions.

Insecure is never in season and has no right time of the day. One of my biggest turn-offs from a guy is insecurity. How can I believe in you when you don’t even believe in you??? The same goes for us. So what if one of his best friends is a girl who gets mistaken for Alicia Keys from 500 yards. If he wanted her, he’d be with her. You have to learn to trust him, and if you don’t trust him, don’t be with him. It’s that simple. Nothing kills a situation more than insecurity. The same applies to friendships. Don’t hate on your friend simply because she’s a certain size, or she has something that you wanted first. I was once in a friendship where my friend would call me names because I was smaller than her. And honestly, after a while, it hurt because I started to realize that she was jealous. We’re still cool but we’re not as close as we used to be. If you notice you are feeling some type of way about someone and you don’t really have a valid reason why, you need to check how you’re really feeling about yourself and what that’s projecting on others.

Move like a G. Nothing is sexier than a person that keeps it cool in any situation. So why be unsexy? Think ninja, undercover agent, whatever you gotta do! For me, my biggest thing is embarrassing myself in public or even saying something in the height of emotion that I’ll regret later. I’ve found myself in some pretty tough situations. But I know it could have gone waaayyyy left had I thrown in a dash of ABW to the equation! It’s taken maturity, experience, and a case of being wrong a couple of times for me to say, “Ok, I’ma handle you later.” And truly do so.

Poker face. It’s a skill very few can master and reserved for only the best who always come out and win big. Why let your hand be read or let somebody pull your cards before you even deal them? Life isn’t always about just playing the game, but if you’re gonna play, play to win. Check the emotions at the door and the rest is in the cards.


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sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no makeup on. and taking over the world.
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