Black Bags Bore Me

black hand bags

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I’ve been redesigning my closet after my move to New Jersey and came to the realization that I do not own a black handbag. I have black clutches. But no black handbag. And I thought to myself, “why?”. I realized that you can do so much more with a fun pop of color. That ever single time I went to purchase a black bag, I ended up leaving with a bold red, rich brown or cool grey (if you wanna get technical I kinda do own a black bag since grey is a shade of black–it’s the geek in me). But ask yourself, why does black have to be such a must?? Does it really go with EVERYTHING?? Sometimes, black draws away from the outfit. Sometimes, it makes you look like you have no imagination or you’re afraid to step outside of the box and actually coordinate something rather than “play it safe”. Since I’ve been at Prada, so many of my clients gravitate towards that ominous black bag in an attempt to have something that with go with every outfit. Unless you work in a funeral home, wearing all black all the time doesn’t always work with every occasion–ESPECIALLY in the summertime! Here are my picks for now that will carry you through the fall. Now go ahead and fight the urge to pick up that bag!!


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