About CWNM

Chillin’ with No Make Up. It’s an open, straightforward dialog about the situations we find ourselves in as daughters, sisters, friends, professionals, and girlfriends in our daily lives. It’s cool, smart, sassy, sexy, and funny. We say what you’re thinking but are afraid to say. We make you think about the issues you face in a different way and challenge you to be better. Why? Because that’s what real friends do.

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8 Responses to About CWNM

  1. PEACH says:


  2. Selena says:

    I am loving the site thus far especially the bios they are so “spicy”…can’t wait for more posts

    • The Girls says:

      Awww, Thanks Selena! We’re doing the most behind the scenes right now to bring more to our readers. It hasn’t been a week yet and we have tons in store! You haven’t seen anything yet! Tell a friend to tell a friend! 🙂

  3. $teph says:

    Love the site, thanks 4 telling me Danni

    • The Girls says:

      You’re welcome Steph!! I’m glad you love it. It’s been a crazy work in the making but we’re excited about it! Keep visiting. We have lots in store! – Danni

  4. Hi, nice to meet you !

  5. sheena folk says:

    kai! i absolutely love the site!! keep up the good work sister! love from texas!!

  6. sorry mant to say that i really like this website and i wish you guys the best…oh read my poem lol

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