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Dating for Dummies: Stop dating the SAME type of guy

f I had a dollar for every time my phone rang and it was a call from my friend Tae* telling me about her new ex-boyfriend, I’d pay somebody else to give her advice on how to pick up the … Continue reading

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Jealous Much?

obody wants to admit to being jealous; even if it stares you dead in your green little face. Admitting jealousy ultimately acknowledges the fact that yes, she might be better than you. It concedes that beyond a shadow of a … Continue reading

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Black Bags Bore Me

(original post on ’ve been redesigning my closet after my move to New Jersey and came to the realization that I do not own a black handbag. I have black clutches. But no black handbag. And I thought to … Continue reading

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I Want The Title

What’s in a name? Well, as some people may see it, EVERYTHING! If you call a woman a lady, then it’s safe to say that she possesses those qualities that warrant that title: refined, good disposition, with no extra neck action when she’s trying to get her point across. On the other hand, anything the opposite of that is….well, you get my drift. So does this same rule apply when it comes to our relationships? Does it matter what your title is so long as you are being appeased by your man? Does a title bring about particular expectations that not having one doesn’t? Or is it safe to assume that if two people are involved, there are certain things that will automatically come with the territory? Continue reading

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Back For the First Time

fter being on a rather long hiatus, I’m pleased to let our beloved readers know that we are back and in full force! It’s been hard trying to adjust to the climate of what’s going on in the world today … Continue reading

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Can’t Read My Poker Face

f it is one thing us as women fail to do, time and time again, it’s to keep our emotions in check. Hell, we can’t help it. We’re built this way. I will not be apologetic for being a woman. … Continue reading

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Confidence vs. Conceit

am an over-achiever.  I can comfortably admit to this because I have proven it to myself and others my entire life. For example, I had a high grade point average throughout school and was even valedictorian in grade school (a … Continue reading

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