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ey belles, As the summer comes to an end and the chill peaks through, the flirty summer dress gets put to the side and the trendy fall trench and over the knee boot (you have been dying to wear ) … Continue reading

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The Smokey Eye: Smoked-Out or Out of Control?!?

adies, if your desire is that sultry smoked out look that you see in magazines and on your favorite celebs, have no fear! I’m here too make it clear. There is no reason for you Belles to run the town … Continue reading

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The Wave/Kink Nouveau

So what’s the deal with (broads) not perming their hair, Jo? Even my MOMS stopped! I feel – woman deads her man and just get to harvesting that fro! WHY?

The above quote came to me courtesy of a 20something NYC born and bred, college educated man making six figures making a good living for himself, got it together, no kids.. (Note to self: MMM potential. I better put my bid in!) Now where was I…OH YEAH. The point is the brother isn’t a caveman, and raised a damn good question that got me to thinking…

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Meet Our Beauty Boss: Celeb Makeup Artist Shenelle Lovings-Mays!!

Shenelle Lovings-Mays: Think of me as your personal beauty and skin care expert. Continue reading

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Dont Test the Pum Pum Nani Nails!

ove this! I am so excited to share my best friends nail art! Above is a picture I snapped of just a few of her creations! She custom designs nails for your very own unique style.  Theyre perfect for just about any occasion or … Continue reading

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hillin with no make up…its what women do on a girl’s night IN, right? The Girl’s Night In, or GNI, is the treasured time with your besties. Get a bottle of Moscato, order (insert favorite flick title here) from Netflix, … Continue reading

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