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Be Bigger Than You

or some time now, I’ve been searching for a place to pass on the gems that I’ve collected while trying to navigate through this crazy life to young women. Many teens and pre-teens do not have a positive adult influence … Continue reading

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Lost Girls

ast Saturday, I found myself watching Bill Maher. I often times forget about it, but it is truly one of my favorite shows. On the guest panel was Cornell West and he brought up an interesting point (a point which I’ve thought about for some … Continue reading

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Bad Chicks Dig Good Art: III

Be prepared for a fantastic voyage later on this month to Ancient China…via the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As Holland Carter from the NY Times put it: Last year, for whatever reason — the economy, accidents of scheduling — our … Continue reading

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The Ground Zero Mosque: a 4 step breakdown (sponsored by#OMGFACTS)

America seems to be up in arms so #CWNM must oblige. Feels like I must be time traveling from a planet far far away because its just NOT making the least bit of sense. Even to a genius.
This month, New York will be marking down its 9th year since that clear sunny day that ended in ash and fire. No amount of time will erase the affect September 11th had on the city as a whole. Much respect is due to the victims and the heroes. When I think back to when we were cleared to head back downtown afterwards- seeing countless smiling faces taped to the gates of St Paul’s Chapel down the street from this new place they were calling Ground Zero. Continue reading

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After Work Hot Spots

Okay. I know it’s Monday AND it’s raining which means many of you are watching that clock counting down the minutes to leave the office. But why go home and cuddle (alone) under the covers, when you have “the city … Continue reading

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hillin with no make up…its what women do on a girl’s night IN, right? The Girl’s Night In, or GNI, is the treasured time with your besties. Get a bottle of Moscato, order (insert favorite flick title here) from Netflix, … Continue reading

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