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Can’t Read My Poker Face

f it is one thing us as women fail to do, time and time again, it’s to keep our emotions in check. Hell, we can’t help it. We’re built this way. I will not be apologetic for being a woman. … Continue reading

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Confidence vs. Conceit

am an over-achiever.  I can comfortably admit to this because I have proven it to myself and others my entire life. For example, I had a high grade point average throughout school and was even valedictorian in grade school (a … Continue reading

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On Dating OTHER People

F act:

In the past, I’ve had a semi-hidden hatred of meeting new men, talking to them/striking up a rapport and agreeing to go out with them for an unknown amount of time. I mean – WHO is this man? How do I know I won’t end up on a milk carton? Dramatic I know but – if you’ve seen For Colored Girls you’d know why I treat Stranger Dangers the way I do.

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Resolutions: They Arent Just For New Years.

or honesty’s sake, I’m willing to admit it:  I’ve truly been in a daze recently. What was clear has become unclear, the constant has become very inconsistent. Why? Several people involved my life (People that have been a part of it for … Continue reading

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Be Bigger Than You

or some time now, I’ve been searching for a place to pass on the gems that I’ve collected while trying to navigate through this crazy life to young women. Many teens and pre-teens do not have a positive adult influence … Continue reading

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Your TMI is Telling on You

This is a letter to the tough talkers out here… ear (Insert Man’s Name here) Are you an expert at talking about your ‘fwap game’? Do you like telling me what you’d like to do to me, what your favorite … Continue reading

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“No One Man Should Have All that Power.”

he Scandal of the hour to hit the interwebs, the blogs, and cable news involves one of the most renown black religious leaders of today and 4 men that have come forth to say that they were manipulated and sexually … Continue reading

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